The MOMS Club of Ventura sends out an electronic newsletter every month that includes all of our chapter activities.  Since our activies are varied and seasonal, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail for the latest news on what's happening and where.    E-MAIL US TODAY
Here are just some hightlights:

Weekly Park Day - Well known to all MOMS Club kids as "THE Park Day,"  this is a standing appointment for all members at the same park at the same time every week with only minor exceptions.  Even if you can't make any other events, you always know where you can find friends on this day.  Although we don't post the locaiton on the internet for security reasons, e-mail us and we'll be glad to formally invite you to pull up a blanket. 

Kids' Outing - Once a month we host a special outing geared toward expanding the experience of being a kid.  From the fire station to the airport, to hikes and tidepools this is always a fun time for kids.  Days and times always vary and we try to accomidate kids of all ages and school times.

Playgroup - Who can't use an hour or two of playing with someone else's toys!  We have playgroups for all different ages depending on the needs of the club.  We offer baby playgroups, void of the chaos of running feet as well as toddler and school age kids. We also host different play times at local hot spots around town including parks, Chuck E Cheese, and the Mall. 

MOMS Nite Out - And yes we have Mom Playdates too!  Once a month we plan an outing just for the moms to go out and be moms.  Whether it's movies, a nice dinner, craft night or bowling, we all enjoy the time amoung friends without any spit or whining!

We also have coffee meet-ups, craft days, holiday parties and family picnics.  We even get the DADS out together once in a while.